How Oil Prices Today Can Affect Your Lifestyle

Priced in excess of $120 per barrel, oil prices today are about three times the amount from what they used to be four years ago. The result of an explosion in demand unsatisfied by adequate supplies, the surge in oil prices has hit consumers in many ways. To understand how oil prices today can affect your lifestyle, it is important to examine the effects of increased oil prices on the lives of the average consumer.

The most immediate consequence of high oil prices would be a dramatic increase in fuel prices. Most fuel used in motor vehicles is derived from crude oil. Any increase in crude oil prices would therefore lead to increase in prices of fuel. In another words, you now have to pay more when you visit the gas station to top up fuel in your car as you would require more money to purchase the same amount of fuel. This would in turn increase your cost of transportation. The cost of commuting by car would therefore increase as a result, especially if you drive to work on a daily basis.

Moreover, an increase in oil prices would result in a general increase in inflation across the economy. It is important to note that oil is an important factor of production required to power up machinery. An increase in the price of oil would increase the cost of operating these machines which are important for production. Given such a situation, producers would have little choice but to pass on this increased costs to consumers by increasing the prices of goods and services provided, in order to maintain the same level of profitability as before. As such, for the same amount of money, consumers must now buy lower quantities of goods and services, thus increasing cost of living.

Moreover, the price of electricity would also increase in response to increased oil prices. In many countries, oil fired power stations are still very much prevalent. An increase in oil prices would mean that the cost of operating these power stations would increase substantially as these stations require oil as a fuel in the generation of electricity. This would often be passed on to the average consumer as higher electricity bills each month, which in turn would spell hardship for those living on the edge of poverty. This group of individuals would then not only need to cope with the rising cost of goods and services, but also more costly electricity bills.

It is clear that the high oil prices today do indeed have a multifaceted impact on our daily lives. While consumers who drive may be the worst hit, other groups of individuals are not spared as they have to contend with inflation and more costly electrical bills. Yet, while the average consumer has no control over the direction of oil prices, he would be able to generate savings by saving energy. One good example would be walking instead of driving when going to nearby places and turning off the lights after use. Such measures would thus enable the average consumer to cut down on his spending and save money.

Cultural Lifestyles in Kenya

Culture is a way of life of a given community. Kenya is made up of 42 tribes all co-existing in harmony. Any tourist in search of cultural diversity then Kenya is the place to visit. Some of these communities have clung so much on to heir culture that modernization has not been a threat to their cultural way of life. The maasai are the perfect example of this together with their cousins the samburu and turkana. It’s amazing that one had to kill a lion to be initiated into adult hood. Young maasai men/ morans would hunt a lion and kill literally with just a spear. The government had to intervene for conservation measures that this cultural way of life had to be done away with otherwise the king of the jungle would be an endangered species. The maasais are very entertaining and the best part is that they engage their audience while singing their traditional songs. Jumping five feet into the sky with their spears at hand is one experience you would never wish to miss in a lifetime. Drinking milk and blood form a cow is one of their delicacies. You can catch up with them in the maasai mara while enjoying a game drive

The Luhya community and the kalenjin almost have the same cultural practices in circumcision. They take the youngsters in the forest where they are circumcised with a sharp blade, the slightest cry is not allowed. In the forest they will stay for 3- 4 weeks, healing and being taught ways of behaving like men in the community. Ululation, songs and dances characterize the passing out of these brave men from the forest and being welcomed into the community as strong young men. Bull fighting is another phenomenon that one would die for, the luhyas engage their bulls in a fierce-some fight. The strong and mighty bulls are brought together for a challenge while the crowd cheers in support of their favorite bull, hitting bells and dancing. The luo is another community that engages in an activity termed as ‘tero-buru’. In this ritual, the community gathers to mourn the deceased, usually a great man in the community. They fight the evil spirits that have befallen on the deceased family. A member of the community will hold a shield and a spear and literally fight the spirits that will be invisible to the rest of us. In marriage ceremonies, some communities literally steal their bride from her family and whisk her away into her new home. Visit Kenya and experience much more stories/ lifestyles on many other cultural ways of life of the various communities

Atsiay Martin Elkana

Can You Hairstyle Dictate Your Lifestyle?

Most women have gone through the search for the perfect hairdresser, the perfect color and certainly the perfect cut. When they think that all of these necessities have been met, their perfect hairdresser quits her job and the perfect hair cut does not look right any more. So! What’s a women to do?

Your hair is part of your overall package so selecting a style that works only for your face, can be a mistake, take into consideration your height, weight, what your everyday life is like, and particularly, can you manage the style you want if you have a special date and no time to visit the hairdresser.

Many of us women seem to think that our hair is worse than any other woman sitting in a salon, but the real problem is realizing that each of us has hair unique unto ourselves. You know, the grass is not always greener on the other side of the hair dryers, so finding out what really suits us as an individual is the first step to healthy, lovely hair.

Try working with your hair and it’s quirks as you see them. Many women also blame their hair for making them look older, and if they get a younger looking style, they will be transformed to their youthful days. Really, that does not work, it only makes you look like someone who is trying to look younger. Go with what works for you. When you feel confident in your hair cut and color, this will bring out an inner confidence that will make you feel good and looking younger.

Remember that tight short curls tend to make older women, older looking. It is not necessarily true that cutting your hair shorter will make you look younger, you may not want hair down past your hips, but shoulder length hair cut well and looked after, can look wonderful on older women.

I think a feeling of self-confidence, knowing that you look your best, can go a long way to giving many women the courage to seek better jobs for themselves, allow themselves to indulge in joining a group of younger women and still feel that they can hold their own, and take their righful place in a society that does cater to the younger element.

Inner Beauty does not come to the fore, until the Outer Beauty has been seen, but when they come together in the same package, watch out!