Choose Conservative Tailoring When Preparing to Enter the Graduate Recruitment Contest

There are many challenges facing new graduates when they enter the graduate job market, especially when the economy is struggling to recover from a recession, so getting appearance right as a start is important.

At the moment competition for jobs is fierce and recent research has shown that an average of 83 graduates are applying for every available job. Not only that but the bulk of the vacancies for graduates currently are in London and the South East.

Generally dress codes and attention to appearance are likely to be more stringent in locations like these and recruiters and prospective employers will expect candidates, especially men, to dress conservatively. One way that they assess that a candidate is serious and determined enough to take care of every detail is dress.

Men’s suits are a costly item, even if bought off the peg, but if the budget will stretch to it investing in good quality will pay off, not least because the suit will last for a long time.

If the budget will run to it a bespoke suit tailored for the individual represents value for money and can last for many years. Perhaps asking for money for a good interview suit as a birthday or Christmas gift will help make it more affordable.

The advice is to go for plain tailoring and the suit should be in a dark colour, blue, black or dark grey teamer with either a plain white or pastel shirt. Jewellery should be kept to a minimum, so no ear studs, socks and shoes should be dark, plain and well-polished. The tie should be either plain or in a conservative pattern.

The correct sleeve and trouser length and a good fit will help the wearer create the right impression as well as feeling confident enough to be able to forget what they are wearing and concentrate on the interview.

It is worth investing in suit alterations using a good tailor, especially when job hunting in the corporate environment in a place like London. There are many of alterations services in the city and using one to get the fine details correct is a worthwhile investmen.

Much of this advice also applies to women applying for jobs. While there is slightly more flexibility for women the advice is still to choose a conservative outfit, preferably a suit and to minimise the jewellery. Shoes should also be plain and conservative, preferably with a low heel. This is a matter of comfort as much as appearance.

Again using the services of an alterations tailor will ensure that the suit fits perfectly and boosts its wearer’s confidence at a time when they are understandably feeling both stressed and nervous.

Anything a candidate can do to boost their confidence in the competitive world of the graduate job market has to be worth the effort.

Copyright (c) 2011 Alison Withers