Tips For Shopping With Your Baby

Expecting a new baby is often a great opportunity for expecting mothers to go shopping. However, not all baby-related shopping can be finished before the expecting mother gives birth. More shopping is done when the baby comes out and especially as the baby grows. What is a mother to do when shopping alone with her baby? Below are some tips that will help make shopping with your baby easier.

*Go when baby is in a good mood. To increase your chances of success, schedule your shopping for when the baby is in a good mood. Do not go during the hours when baby usually takes a nap. Also, make sure that baby is well-fed and happy before going for your shopping excursion.

*Have an itinerary and a list. Try not to go shopping on the fly. Instead, prepare well for it by having an itinerary and a list of things that you need to accomplish or buy. This will help you cut down on the time you would have spent thinking about where to go or what to buy next. Shopping in the Philippines can be easy and stressful at the same time because everything can be bought from a single mall but you often have to contend with the expansive size of the malls. This is why it is important to plan your itinerary well.

*Bring a favorite thing. Sometimes despite your best planning, there will be times when your baby will get fussy while you are shopping. Be prepared for such instances by bringing along one of your baby’s favorite things whether it is a plush toy, a pacifier, a teether, or a blanket.

*Enjoy yourself. Even if shopping alone with your baby may seem daunting, it is just another activity that the two of you can enjoy together. So make the most out of it by enjoying yourself.

*Wear your baby. Many Malls in the Philippines can get a bit crowded which is why a stroller is not very advisable at times. Pushing a bulky stroller can be more tedious and difficult if there are a lot of people or there is little space to where you are going. The best thing to do is to wear your baby! Get a good soft structured carrier or get snug with your baby using a wrap or a sling. Another good thing with babywearing is that your baby is comfortable and secured right on your body.