Screw Machine Shops

Screw Machines – If you are looking specifically to have screws manufactured you might not necessarily need a screw machine shop, but you will need a machine shop that has screw machines. If you need to broaden your research you can look for machine shops and then inquire whether or not they are capable of manufacturing screws.

Different Types – There are 2 basic types of screw machines. There are single spindle and multi-spindle machines. Its helpful to narrow down the type of machine you need so that you can search online and look for companies that have the types of machines you need to create your screws.

Quality – It’s important to consider quality when looking for a screw manufacturer to work with. Make sure that the manufacturer reviews the design and order as a quality check. Ask the manufacturer about their quality control process.

Materials – Screws can be machined out of various types of materials, from alloy steels to carbon steels, aluminum, copper, stainless steel even plastics and other exotic materials. Talk to the manufacturer about what types of materials would work best for your needs and ask about prices. Different materials will have different costs and you might be able to save money by using a lower priced metal.

Finding Pricing and Service – Make sure you look around online and obtain multiple quotes from different manufacturers. You want to be able to compare at least 3-5 quotes before you decide on who to work with.