Can You Hairstyle Dictate Your Lifestyle?

Most women have gone through the search for the perfect hairdresser, the perfect color and certainly the perfect cut. When they think that all of these necessities have been met, their perfect hairdresser quits her job and the perfect hair cut does not look right any more. So! What’s a women to do?

Your hair is part of your overall package so selecting a style that works only for your face, can be a mistake, take into consideration your height, weight, what your everyday life is like, and particularly, can you manage the style you want if you have a special date and no time to visit the hairdresser.

Many of us women seem to think that our hair is worse than any other woman sitting in a salon, but the real problem is realizing that each of us has hair unique unto ourselves. You know, the grass is not always greener on the other side of the hair dryers, so finding out what really suits us as an individual is the first step to healthy, lovely hair.

Try working with your hair and it’s quirks as you see them. Many women also blame their hair for making them look older, and if they get a younger looking style, they will be transformed to their youthful days. Really, that does not work, it only makes you look like someone who is trying to look younger. Go with what works for you. When you feel confident in your hair cut and color, this will bring out an inner confidence that will make you feel good and looking younger.

Remember that tight short curls tend to make older women, older looking. It is not necessarily true that cutting your hair shorter will make you look younger, you may not want hair down past your hips, but shoulder length hair cut well and looked after, can look wonderful on older women.

I think a feeling of self-confidence, knowing that you look your best, can go a long way to giving many women the courage to seek better jobs for themselves, allow themselves to indulge in joining a group of younger women and still feel that they can hold their own, and take their righful place in a society that does cater to the younger element.

Inner Beauty does not come to the fore, until the Outer Beauty has been seen, but when they come together in the same package, watch out!